Experience the healing power of water therapy in our exclusive in-clinic hydro suite, complete with hot and cold water tubs, a cozy sauna, and a refreshing shower. Each hydrotherapy treatment is overseen by our licensed naturopathic doctors and tailor-made and enriched with delightful essential oil fragrances for your total relaxation. Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, uses water to soothe, heal and address various symptoms throughout your body.


Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Experience the rejuvenating power of alternating hot and cold towels to enhance circulation, promote lymphatic flow, detoxify, and accelerate healing.

Peat Bath

Immerse yourself in a therapeutic blend of hot water infused with nutrient-rich peat, perfect for pain relief, arthritis, detoxification, improved circulation, and radiant skin.

Contrast Hydrotherapy

Elevate your well-being with alternating hot water (or sauna) and cold water immersions. Boost circulation, reduce muscle pain, inflammation, edema, and spasms, while also enhancing your mood and addressing depression.

Fever Hydrotherapy

Harness the potential of hyperthermia cancer treatment by fully immersing in hot water to induce a fever. This therapy has demonstrated its ability to damage and eliminate cancer cells, making it a valuable option for common cancers like breast, lung, liver, skin, and rectal carcinomas.

What Our Patients Say

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our beloved community has to say! At Paradise Health, we strive to offer everyone who visits the best possible experience. That is why we're proud to have earned a perfect 5 star rating on multiple platforms.

"Paradise Health is truly the best place to visit for your healthcare needs. The staff are loving and caring, they are always ready to give great advice. I'd recommend them to my family and friends."

D Tomlinson

"Paradise Health Clinic is the place for all your health care needs. Because they offer a variety of health services, there is no need to look elsewhere! The clinic is bright and welcoming and the staff are friendly too. I look forward to visiting again soon!"

C Watson

"Wonderful staff and service!! The five day juice detox was very healing for me and the start of good habits. I will definitely do it again. Thank you everyone at Paradise Health Clinic!"

Sanyt C

"Great staff! Great services and very friendly and welcoming.  A place to visit for all your holistic wellness needs."

SV Saint

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Peat, fever and constitutional therapy


Contrast immersion


Cold plunge


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